We are a multidisciplinary research group that is part of the Media Lab Helsinki at the Aalto University’s  School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The focus of Arki is in the co-evolution of digital technology and the practices of everyday life with a design perspective. Our work draws on experiences and practices of collaboration, participation and open modes of design and production. The name of the group, ARKI, means “everyday” in Finnish.

As the most important design takes place increasingly where people and technology meet, we try to understand how the world is changing, what and how to design, and who are the designers in the new circumstances.

Read more about the projects we are working on in the Research section. There are some names in the People section and general musings, notes and updates of our current where abouts in Thoughts. For a taste of our design work you can check the Protos section (not very well up dated). Browsing the Media part will link you to some videos, pictures and presentations related to the work of the members of the group (not very well up dated).

Collaborative creation of scenarios around urban data in everydaylife

Collaborative creation of scenarios around urban data in everyday life (2013)