Grafia on copyright

Grafia, the association of graphic designers in Finland, interviewed Kari-Hans Kommonen on the future of copyright in the field of art and design.

Quotes of Kari-Hans from the article (translated from Finnish by ARKI):

“Before, to guarantee economic and political power, it has been necessary to invade lands, obtain raw materials and run factories. Nowadays global production facilities can in principle be used by anyone. Economic intresses have moved from material world to immaterial world.”

“Copyrights should no longer be seen as a means of income to the artists but as a central factor in societal and global power struggle.”

“Within the next decade we will see a world wide redesign process of immaterial rights, which will reform copyrights related systems such as laws, contracts and compensations in a major way.”

“It is a terribly valid concern if political decision makers understand the trends of immaterial rights well enough. For example, most lobbying for new laws appears to be done on behalf of business instead on behalf of creativity.”

“We don’t have to submit ourselves as passive consumers. It is particularly essential to know how to benefit from digital means”

Find the whole article (in Finnish) from Grafia Magazine 04/09.

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