Urban mediator goes Nokia house demo

Last Thursday our Urban Mediator was invited as one of the demos in display at an event organized at Nokia’s research center in Otaniemi. In display there was some 40 demos from all over Aalto University. Here is the program of the day and the complete list of things shown.

Arki tonttu interviewed Joanna and Aapo who went there to show UM.

Joanna showing UM to some VIP guests

Joanna showing UM to some VIP guests (pic by aapris)

How was the spirit in the place?
JSS: There was a positive vibe at Nokia Demo House 2010. Visitors were eager to spend time at the different demo stands, asking questions, and trying to understand how the demos work as well as what are their practical and reearch applications. The researchers and students presenting their work were also very motivated. I also especially liked the fact that it was possible for demo presenters to chat between each other and test each others’ demo. I think this is a key to successful future collaborations.

Did we sell a lot of UM? (you can answer anything :))

JSS: Well, I don’t think the point was to sell UM 😉 even though there were people interested in its potential commercial aspects. Also, many fellow researchers were interested in possible future collaborations, which was really nice. I’ll definitely keep the visiting cards I have gotten from people there!

In general, I was very happy to see that many different visitors and fellow demo presenters were interested in UM. I think the strength of the UM demo was that we could show how UM had been used, in practice, with several cases involving city authorities and the general public.

Besides our wonderful demo what other things caught up your attention in the event?

JSS: It was well organized. I also liked the fact that it started with a VIP tour: it is important to reach decision makers and to show them the kind of innovations and forward thinking that is bubbling in academia and research centers 🙂

AR: Two topics over others (my personal opinions): 1) Augmented Reality is coming strongly. Prediction: we’ll see very cool things in 3 years. (Consumers probably later 🙂
2)  Sensors – connected to mobile handset

Arki tonttu says kiitos!

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