Maemo – an Opportunity for Prototyping

Maemo is Nokia’s new software platform for advanced mobile handsets — so called tablets. It is based on Linux and the code is mostly Open Source. The attractiveness from the developer’s point of view is the openness of the platform. Basically only some system, connectivity and power management related services are unavailable to developer. We borrowed a N900 for two weeks and played with it in Arki to see how difficult/easy is to make prototypes with it.

N900+Arduino experiment for controlling the brightness of light, by Michihito Mizutani

Because of Linux in the background most of the existing applications linux/unix applications can be compiled without modifications or relatively easily converted — in theory — to work in Maemo based devices. Maemo supports Python and Qt UI framework, which makes it interesting platform for prototyping.

In opposite to most other mobile platforms (e.g. iPhone, S60, BlackBerry) a developer can also install and run her/his applications with full device capabilities in Maemo devices without need to digitally sign them beforehand.

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