Show & Tell 02-2010

Last week we had the second show & tell session of the year. The idea is very simple: we gather here in arki room with some tea or coffee and everybody makes a 5 min presentation. This way we get to know what we are up to or what we have found interesting recently. The theme and format are free anything goes as long as the presenter finds what she is showing interesting. We had nice discoveries and conversations. Here a brief summary of the bits and atoms we looked and talked about:

Show & Tell session in arki room. Pic by KH

Joanna started by introducing the Center for Regional and Urban Studies that is located in the School of Technology (TKK). This is interesting since Joanna spent last year working there in a research project of the Academy of Finland. We learned a bit of what she was up to: collaboration with citizens and planning department in the neighborhood of Hertoniemi, workshops with the youth in there and of course following a bit on Urban Mediator ideas. Joanna seemed to be very pleased of the experience during this “exchange” period in Otaniemi. It gave her a lot of ideas for her doctoral research. interesting contacts and the planning perspective. We all wondered a bit if Aalto University could not offer more of this concrete opportunities? Spend some time in another campus seem to be a worth while endeavor.

Andrew, our charming visiting artist shared a nice discovery he has made while doing workshops with young people at Happi youth activity center. We all learned a bit about this fascinating genre of “Flash Loops” that some of the young people shared with Andrew. There are some fascinating and psychedelic things out there! Try out this small mushrooms for example. Or indulge in these other bizarre little packages of wonder like riemurasia, albinoblacksheep or naurunappula. What is all there in a loop? We drift discussions around media literacy, interfaces for the loops and the art of the loop. Andrew’s project in Happi is called Katalyyti clips and aims at exploring- with young people- online videos, peer-to-peer networks, copy and remix culture, and how they are changing digital audiovisual media production.

Aapo has been very excited about Arduino and has finally got himself a board, some sensors and enough cables and bits to build a home weather station. He showed us the first working prototype of a humidity sensor that sends reports to his mobile phone. This come in handy since the quality of the air in our room has been for long extremely poor. We could now report to the facilities management department of the school that indeed our room features only 12% humidity; extremely low! If you consider that Helsinki’s air temperature is about -17 now wonder why so many are sick so often. We talked about the nice community that has been growing around Arduino, the advantages of documenting collectively the knowledge that exists and the opportunities there are to play with electronics and things beyond old gender stereotypes.

Anne is working hard these days with a small (but potentially beautiful) project in collaboration with the Crisis Management Initiative and TKK. They have been developing this idea of ICT for State Building and are now working on the first batch of tools for what they call “Governance out of the Box”. Anne is working together with Jukka (LeGroup research) in the portal. She shared some of the current challenges and future action points. We are hoping to be able to influence more the agenda of the project in the future, as we all saw many interesting opportunities for co-design in there.

Kati has been working on updating her research plan, and is currently interested in using audiovisual media for mediating traditional knowledge. If Elias Lönnrot would be doing his journeys today, documenting the Finnish oral traditions, how would he do it? What kind of tools would he use? Would he be doing it alone? And what about today? Should a trip be organized for collecting traditional knowledge and practices in the Finnish countryside using audiovisual means? For inspiration, we looked at some related materials, such as what the nice people at wikikko have been doing, and also some Latvian projects. We will continue working on this theme…

Finally Andrea showed us two work-in-progress maps of the digital ecosystems of the eCars- Now! project and of different LEGO user communities. She has been working on them with Sami (HIIT) and Kimmo (TKK) for a book chapter on the ecosystems and principles of community innovation. The work is still draft but shows nice connections between people, organizations, ideas, tools and different kinds of practices. We talked about all the buzz around “user driven innovation”, “open innovation” and etc in relationship to these interesting cases.

Mmm I think that was about it. 🙂

Luv: the arki tonttu

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    Congratulations for the new website! It looks really good, it is well organized and easy to find things. Though I type seniors in the search, willing to know which are the projects in which the active seniors were involved and I got no results ;-0. It is really good the blog part where you tell your whereabouts, I liked to follow what you are doing! Sunshine and warm wishes from Buenos Aires!