TestiKaista – Boxee Application Prototype

Arki-tonttu has been working on an application prototype – TestiKaista – which is an experiment in studying the opportunities provided by new digital audiovisual media, such as how TV experience could expand to include media from Internet and computers at home. The prototype is built with the Boxee (www.boxee.tv) media center open-source platform, and provides Finnish TV content, using the feed from TVKaista service (www.tvkaista.fi).

As Boxee enables viewing media from a variety of sources from the couch using a remote control, the experiment has enabled studying how more traditional and online media content and practices get mixed in current media ecosystems.

The prototype was announced and demoed for a larger audience in Medialab Demo Day on 20th May 2010. The source code is published in Google Code with MIT Open Source license.

TestiKaista Boxee channels screenshot

A screenshot of TestiKaista UI (Channels page)

Watching TestiKaista from the couch

A man is watching TestiKaista on a couch

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