Some summer publications: Design & Complexity and Digital Tools in Participatory Planning

A relatively calm but somehow productive summer has passed. Arki tonttu wants to share 2 new publications by arki people:

1: Botero A, Kommonen K-H, Marttila S (2010) Expanding Design Space: Design-In-Use Activities and Strategies. In Proceedings of the DRS 2020 Conference on Design and Complexity. Ed: Durling D; Bousbaci R, Chen L-L, Gautier P,
Poldma T, Roworth-Stokes S, Stolterman E. Montreal, CA. DRS
Link to PDF in reseda

2: Saad-Sulonen J & Botero A (2010) The Urban Mediator as a tool for public participation: a case of collaboration between designers and city planners. In Digital Tools in Participatory Planning. Ed: Wallin S, Horelli L, Saad-Sulonen J. Aalto University – Center for Urban and Regional Studies Publication Series C79. Espoo
Order from: ytk-tilaus(@)

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