Seminars, workshops, conferences – bits from the calendar

cop2p seminar
Been quite here… but not in our room. Our distributed show & tell of this semester can be browsed through these links:

(23.9.10) Joanna presented at Media Factory’s Spot on locative Media seminar. Most of the arki gang hang out there as well.

(7.10.10) Sanna and Kati went to the First EUscreen International Conference on Content Selection Policies and Contextualisation. Sanna had a presentation there. Same time the annual project review was conducted and they presented work done this year. It went fine and the work was praised.

(22.10.10) Joanna and Andrea where involved in organizing a seminar on the topic of Co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer production of public services. Many interesting people attended and there was good discussions. Slides from the presentations are already online and soon videos will follow.

(19.11.10) Kati, Sanna, Anne and Andrew been busy cooking an audiovisual remix workshop for youth in Helsinki. The workshop is part of EU screen and promises to be fun, hands on and stimulating.

(29.10.20) Kari-Hans is attending the Free/Libre Culture forum in Barcelona as part of arki work in Communia Network

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