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Arki tontu been very busy and she has not had time to update this site for long, apologies. So here some nice links of stuff we have done lately:

Andrea and Joanna where busy last year with this cool book called “Towards peer production in public services: cases from Finland”. The Book can be freely downloaded from the Aalto ARTS online bookstore or in the website of the project! Andrea, Sanna and Joanna will continue working on that theme in the future, as they got a bit of funding again from the ASF for doing something related to public services and the commons. Stay tuned for more.Book cover

Sanna and Kati where very busy wrapping up the EUScreen project  As part of that they did a very interesting Open Vide Make session in the context of the OKFest last year in Helsinki. There was open data, open content and some art and many communities, museums, archives, libraries and galeries involved! BTW EUscreen ideas are continuing in a new project starting very soon called – to nobodies surprise – EUscreen XL

Kari-Hans is back in Finland after being in Japan as visiting fellow in the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies III of the University of Tokyo (Joho-Gakkan in Japanese). He worked in several new initiatives, made a lot of contacts and also organized a seminar at the III where Andrea and Sanna had the opportunity to present some of their doctoral studies work.

Aapo and Joanna been fiddling with an App for collaborative media creation for urban planning (a bit of citizens science approached stirred in), some details can be browsed in the CoMeUP site. This work is done with the nice fellows from the Land use planning and Urban studies group (Aalto ENG)

Andrea has continue collaboration with the soberIT (Aalto SCI) guys in the Apps&Os initiative funded partly by ASF

In the meantime the group has also said goodbye to Kati who has moved abroad. We are missing you Kati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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