Ageing together…. On being subjects, not objects!

We will be participating this summer in an exhibition in Fiskars called: Spark! (KIPINÄ Kantaaottavaa nykytaidetta ja muotoilua) from May 12 unti the 15th of September (2013). The exhibition is been curated by Otso Kantokorpi

On display in the exhibition you will find this 8 min video summarizing aspects of the collaboration between the Active Seniors Association and our research group.  Together we have been exploring how new media technologies  support (or not) their goals of growing old together. The video report highlights some aspects of our “ageing together approach”  (from 2003 until 2008)


Andrea wrote the following text for the catalog: The Ageing together premises that lie at the roots of this design collaboration asserts that design engagements should begin not in the studio or in concept design workshops. Instead it insists that the starting (and articulating) point of design engagements that take a stand are best found in the practices, infrastructures and development trajectories of all the people who come together to become ‘clients’, ‘users’ and ‘designers’.

Partly funded by the TEKES project : “ADIK Emergent Digital Practices of Communities” (TEKES, NOKIA, ELISA, AALTO)
Arki research group / Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture – Media Department (
Active Seniors Association – Loppukiri house (

To learn more:

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Co-design partnerships – developing technology with experts of everyday life (2008) from Arki research group on Vimeo.

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