Some new books!

Arki tonttu is proud to present fresh from the oven and ready to fill this otherwise silent blog: Four (4) new publications in which arki people have been involved:


1) Eläköön arkistosi! A publication (in Finnish) dealing with the state of the art and future sustainable practices of audiovisual archives in Finland. Sanna contributed a chapter to it dealing with the challenges and opportunities of opening up archival material to the community. The book accompanied a seminar on the same topic held in Media Factory earlier this month. The PDF report can be downloaded for free

2) New Approaches to Urban Planning – Insights from Participatory Communities, a book edited by our nice colleagues at Land Use and Urban Studies Research Group. Joanna has there a chapter called Multiple Participations. Grab your PDF here

3) Expanding Design Space(s) – Design in communal endeavors. This is actually Andrea’s dissertation which she successfully defended 20th of September here at Aalto ARTS. The opponent was doctor Monika Bûscher. If you want to peep you can check the slides the opponent used and Andrea’s “Lectio Precursoria” materials.  The book can be ordered (or downloaded) from the bookstore of Aalto ARTS.

4) Public and Collaborative- Exploring the Intersection of Design, Social Innovation and Public Policy.This is a Book edited by Ezio Mansini and Eduardo Staszowski from DESIS Network. Andrea and Joanna have written a chapter on Peer production in public services? Emerging themes for design research and action. Download a PDF of the book from the DESIS Public & Collaborative cluster website.

We are waiting eagerly for Mariana to share with us her contributions in 2 more books that are still in the oven 😉

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