UPSS! Ranciere, Luhman, Mouffle .. and some Japanese visitors


During our last arki meetings Miia has been trying to get us all acquainted with the ideas of agonism (Mouffle), the distribution of the sensible (Ranciere) and social systems (Luhman). Arki tonttu still has her head spinning around with so many thoughts and discussions around those issues. Thank god Miia is a cleaver and passionate speaker able to make sense of complicated matters for poor design researchers like the rest of us… If you want to learn a bit about the background for this talks go ahead and read a bit of Miia’s dissertation (available here in Finnish:

Apart from that we are happy to welcome 2 interesting research visitors to our team:

Tomoyuki Okada, from Kansai University in Osaka is staying with us until the beginning of April 2016. He is a pioneer of mobile media studies in Japan.

Takeshi Sunaga, professor at Tokyo University of the Arts and former professor of Information Design at  Tama Art University. He will be staying with us for a month.

With a second sociologist on board, and one more designer, this is for sure getting interesting 😉

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