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Arki work around and about next weeks.

Yes there is some movement in the front! Arki tonttu is sending people around to share some of our work out there. Follow what we have to say in the following venues (in no particular order): 1) Andrea, Sanna and Joanna are arranging with other cleaver people a workshop on “Co-designing and Commoning” for NORDES […]

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UPSS! Ranciere, Luhman, Mouffle .. and some Japanese visitors

During our last arki meetings Miia has been trying to get us all acquainted with the ideas of agonism (Mouffle), the distribution of the sensible (Ranciere) and social systems (Luhman). Arki tonttu still has her head spinning around with so many thoughts and discussions around those issues. Thank god Miia is a cleaver and passionate […]

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Women tell stories using open audiovisual archives

As part of Mariana’s research on intercultural matters, digital tools and the re use of AV archive materials, she has been running a Video workshop in Monika Naiset Liito, a multicultural women’s association here in Finland. Participants were coming from Egypt, China and Nigeria and other countries. The workshop facilitate immigrant women to create their […]

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Re-designing our audio-visual cultural heritage

Couple of things we have contributed towards the goal of re-configuring our relationship with audio-visual cultural heritage 1) Mariana hosted a workshop on “How can AV contextualization practices benefit best from the affordances of online publication? ” in the context of the EUscreenXL project annual conference in Rome “From Audience to User: Engaging with Audiovisual […]

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Urban environments, museums and crime reporting

Arki tonttu is again extremely proud to share some of the fruits of arki people work here. 1) Joanna has received yesterday the printed books of her dissertation “Combining Participations. Expanding the locus of Participatory E-planning by combining participatory approaches in the design of digital technology and urban planning“. It looks GORGEOUS! It is also […]

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We have moved! New address in Otaniemi (Espoo)

Since January 2014 our Department has moved to the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi (Espoo). After much debates and planning our whole community (including Media Lab and parts of the Graphic Design MA program) shares now the same premises with the Architecture Department in Miestentie. For arki tonttu the commuting is now some 30 min […]

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Ageing together…. On being subjects, not objects!

We will be participating this summer in an exhibition in Fiskars called: Spark! (KIPINÄ Kantaaottavaa nykytaidetta ja muotoilua) from May 12 unti the 15th of September (2013). The exhibition is been curated by Otso Kantokorpi On display in the exhibition you will find this 8 min video summarizing aspects of the collaboration between the Active […]

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Are the Users Driving, and How Open is Open?

Last week was the Department of Media first Research Symposium. An event intended for our community to learn more about the different research agendas, projects and activities of everybody. Our department is not that big, but since we are quite a new “merger” we need better ways to create shared understanding. The event was nice […]

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Book, projects, visits

Arki tontu been very busy and she has not had time to update this site for long, apologies. So here some nice links of stuff we have done lately: Andrea and Joanna where busy last year with this cool book called “Towards peer production in public services: cases from Finland”. The Book can be freely […]

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Seminars, workshops, conferences – bits from the calendar

Been quite here… but not in our room. Our distributed show & tell of this semester can be browsed through these links: (23.9.10) Joanna presented at Media Factory’s Spot on locative Media seminar. Most of the arki gang hang out there as well. (7.10.10) Sanna and Kati went to the First EUscreen International Conference on […]

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