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Searching visually our cultural heritage with Culture Cam

After some months of work arki tonntu is proud to announce that a working demo of Culture Cam application is finally online, and is looking good! So what is Culture Cam for? In a nutshell Culture Cam is an online tool to search and explore free/open content from Europeana through colours, patterns and forms. Searching […]

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Re-designing our audio-visual cultural heritage

Couple of things we have contributed towards the goal of re-configuring our relationship with audio-visual cultural heritage 1) Mariana hosted a workshop on “How can AV contextualization practices benefit best from the affordances of online publication? ” in the context of the EUscreenXL project annual conference in Rome “From Audience to User: Engaging with Audiovisual […]

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TestiKaista – Boxee Application Prototype

Arki-tonttu has been working on an application prototype – TestiKaista – which is an experiment in studying the opportunities provided by new digital audiovisual media, such as how TV experience could expand to include media from Internet and computers at home. The prototype is built with the Boxee ( media center open-source platform, and provides […]

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Maemo – an Opportunity for Prototyping

Maemo is Nokia’s new software platform for advanced mobile handsets — so called tablets. It is based on Linux and the code is mostly Open Source. The attractiveness from the developer’s point of view is the openness of the platform. Basically only some system, connectivity and power management related services are unavailable to developer. We […]

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