Part of our design research activities include the development of prototype environments and services which allow us to explore the issues at stake with real people in everyday life contexts. In the past years we have been active developing applications an services (mosltly based on OS software and components). We have collected here information and links regarding some of them.

Culture Cam (2015)

Explore Europeana open content with your webcam on

Culture Cam is an online tool to search and explore free/open content from Europeana through colours, patterns and forms using any webcam. The prototype is bilt in collaboration with Spild af Tid (a Danish design agency) and with the Austrian Institute of Technology






CoMeUP  (2012)

comeup_Android-Main-edgeCoMeUP explores how digital media documentation of the urban environment, which is produced and analyzed by citizens, could be shared and discussed with urban planners and decision-makers. The application works both in mobile and desktop environments enabling people to create shared archives or galleries of locative media.

TestiKaista – Boxee Application Prototype (2010)

TestiKaista channels UI screenshot
TestiKaista application prototype is an experiment in studying the opportunities provided by new digital audiovisual media, such as how TV experience could expand to include media from Internet and computers at home. The prototype is built with the Boxee ( media center open-source platform, and provides Finnish TV content, using the feed from TVKaista service ( As Boxee enables viewing media from a variety of sources from the couch using a remote control, the experiment has enabled studying how more traditional and online media content and practices get mixed in current media ecosystems.

Fusion (2008-2009)

GalleryAnnotationFusion software is an open source software system that supports audiovisual creative activities and makes it easy for anyone to create, reuse and share audio and video productions over the Internet legally, without costly servers and complicated system management. Fusion binds together a peer-to-peer network, a distributed semantic database, social enrichment features, support for embedded licenses and a social media application toolkit into an integrated easy-to-use solution. The platform has been developed in the P2P-FUSION project.

Urban Mediator (2008 – …)

UMkaavio3Urban Mediator is a platform that provides the possibility to create, obtain, and share location-based information about the city. The information is organized according to topics of interests set up and maintained by the users themselves. UM uses a map-portrayal service as means for representing location-based information and complements it with a set of tools for users to process, share and organize this information. Urban Mediator can also connect to other systems such as city customer services or community portals. Urban Mediator has been created and developed as part of Innovative Cities for Next Generation ICING -project.

Family Archive (2007)

familyarchiveFamily Archive is a web based prototype application that explores video sharing practices in small communities (groups of friends and families). The application allows members to upload short videos, annotate clips of them and create annotated compilations of them, that can be shared with other members. The Family Archive application was developed as part of ENCOMPAS -project.

Collaborative Video Editing Tools (2007)

Collaborative Video Editing Tools is an experimental production toolkit which focused on researching social uses of audiovisual media. We have developed tools which could support more casual and diverse uses of video (annotations, remix, navigation). The prototypes have been packaged in a bundle and developed as part of Mediaspaces -project.

DailyWorks (2006- …)

DailyWorks is a collection of web based tools for communities, which assists in the coordination and sharing of everyday life activities and information. With DailyWorks a community can setup personal and shared calendars to organize communal events and happenings (dinners, theatre trips, etc), allocate and manage household maintenance tasks (cooking, cleaning etc.) and reserve and manage shared resources (sauna, laundry room, sewing machine, etc). Furthermore shared repositories of information and ideas can be easily designed and maintained (recipe books, bulletin board, a flea market or simple diary) by the community itself. DailyWorks was developed as part of ADIK -project.

Kori (The Media Sharing Basket)

Kori is a prototype for a web based application for sharing pictures produced from and during an impromptu event (like a birthday party or a visit to the opera). Kori explores sharing strategies of dynamic social networks. There is also a mobile phone Kori application (developed by Nokia). The software was developed as part of ENCOMPAS -project.

Voice Notes (2004)

A series of simple “seed” tools for making notes (with audio) for various individual and shared purposes. The prototype was used for exploring how the notes are utilized, the kinds of listening strategies that appear, the recording opportunities that present themselves, and how the notes need to be archived, acknowledged, and shared. The Notes are generated with a personal device (in this case with mobile phone) and assigned to private or shared collections (A diary, a group posting service, etc). VoiceNotes was part of ADIK project

Annotation Tool